Responsive works with a wide network of HMO Plan and Group Medical Plan service providers to develop comprehensive health plans that provide health benefits to your growing company. We can tailor fit a flexible program that suits your company’s needs and budget.


In today’s competitive environment, any delay will have consequential business costs, and that means bad news for your business. Setbacks may be due to vehicle breakdown, natural calamities, fire, or accidents, which can have dire effects on your operations.

Is your business ready for any emergency? Responsive can help provide your company better protection against different types of risk.

Administration Facility in Employee Benefits
We provide you the facilities of administrative work in the area of employee benefits for medical and non-medical requirements.
Reliable Expert Advice Consonant to Your Needs
We create cost-effective solutions and comprehensive benefit packages consonant to your needs and requirements.
Customized Service to Meet Your Requirements
We spearhead correspondence and coordination with other agencies and personnel, and happily take on other related functions for you.
Excellent and Highly Competitive Representation
We assure you of excellent and competitive representation in all aspects of research, evaluation, and negotiations.
Seasoned Customer Care Representatives
We support you with our seasoned customer care representatives who will assist and guide you in all your concerns and availments.
Utilization Management
To proactively manage benefit utilization costs, we provide a Comprehensive Benefit Management Report (CBMR) during periodic dialogues with client. The CBMR highlights utilization cost drivers and a projection of plan utilization across all plan member demographics.
Lifestyle Feeds
Beyond simply assisting you with your insurance needs, we keep you updated with relevant news and updates on important topics.
Program Familiarization
We provide prompt and comprehensive orientation to plan members, and detailed information regarding program benefits schedules, availment procedures, limits, and exclusions.

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