Non-Medical Programs

Group Term Life Insurance Plan

The Insurance Company will pay the insurance amount to the beneficiaries designated in the individual application in the event of the assured member’s death. The plan includes Bereavement Benefit Rider. Accidental Death and Disablement Benefit Rider, and Total and Permanent Disability Income Benefit Rider.


Personal Accident

Personal Accident Insurance is a particular type of insurance which provides benefits/indemnity in case of losses to the person or physical well- being of an individual which arises out of an accident.


Motor Car

A kind of insurance pertaining to the OWNERSHIP, MAINTENANCE, or USE of a motor vehicle, also referred to as AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE. It ensures private cars, auto homes, trailers, buses, trucks, road building equipments, and other mobile vehicles, machinery and equipment used for agricultural and forestry operations, such as, farm tractors, angle dozers, bulldozers, mobile cranes, and other clearing and leveling equipment.



It helps you secure the value of your residential property, warehouse, industrial building, or commercial/general structures. Fire Insurance is designed to protect property owners against financial losses or damages directly resulting from fire and/or lightning, as well as from a number of specified natural and man-made causes. Be prepared for other natural calamities. Special/Allied Perils Insurance covers property losses caused by these natural calamities – typhoons, flood, earthquake. Protect your businesses from costly interruptions. Should extensive renovations or repairs be needed to restore your business property after an insured event, you can get coverage for the business interruption that may result from this. This will help minimize the losses that your business will incur while you recover from the incidents.



A contract whereby the insurer undertakes to indemnify the assured,in manner and to the extent thereby agreed, against marine losses that is to say, losses incident to a marine adventure.

Marine Hull Insurance – insurance against loss of or damage caused by perils of the seas, to the hull (shell) of the vessel,its machinery and equipment (engines, shafts,machinery for loading and unloading cargo, including cranes, booms and tackles, machinery to drop and raise anchors, portable generators and pumps, skiffs (small light boats), anchors and anchor chains, and other standard equipment of a vessel)

Marine Cargo Insurance – is designed to insure merchandise from the time it leaves the seller’s premises until it reaches the buyer. It encompasses all modes of conveyances, be it land, sea or air.

General Public Liability

A kind of insurance which protects the Insured against his legal liabilities in connection with the operation of his business.


Money, Securities & Payroll Robbery Insurance (MSPR)

This is a policy that covers the insured against loss of money, securities and other negotiable instrument while in the course of business operation.


Engineering Insurance

Contractors’ All Risks Insurance Policy (CAR) – is an insurance for buildings and civil engineering projects during construction against accidents,resulting in loss or damage or destruction of materials,works in progress, construction plant and equipment and construction machinery. Contractors’ All Risks Insurance may be taken out for all buildings and civil engineering projects such as residential condominium, office buildings, hospitals, theatres, schools factory and powerplant buildings, roads, bridges, piers, dams, watersupply and drainage systems.

Erection All Risks Insurance Policy (EAR) – is an insurance against accidents resulting in damage or destruction to machineries, equipment and apparatus during the process of erection or installation. Erection All Risks insurance may be taken out for installation of individual machinery or for the erection of complete factories and industrial plants such as electric power stations, sugar mills, plywood plants, cement plants, steel mills, oil refineries, fertilizer and chemical plants, food processing plants, etc.

Electronic Equipment Insurance – is an accident insurance on an “all risks” basis for electronic equipment such as:
Electronic Data Processing Equipment (EDP Equipment)
Electrical and radiation equipment for medical use such as electrocardiograph, X-ray and other radiation equipment in hospitals and medical laboratories, etc.

Communication facilities such as telephone exchanges, radio, television and communication apparatus, etc.

  1. Miscellaneous equipments such as film and television studio equipments, automatic addressing,booking and invoicing machines, etc.
  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance Policy – by its very nature, an accident insurance on machinery, mechanical equipment and apparatus resulting in mechanical breakdown.
  • Boiler & Pressure Vessel Insurance Policy – is an accident insurance for boilers and pressure vessels against the risk of explosion and collapse. It also provides a very ideal coverage for boilers used in steam power stations as well as for boilers used in factories such as paper mills, textile mills,plywood plants, sugar mills, etc.
  • Deterioration of Stock Insurance Policy – is an insurance against deterioration of goods placed in cold storage due to breakdown of refrigerating machinery.
  • Loss of Profit Following Machinery Breakdown Insurance Policy – providers cover for the actual loss of profits sustained as a result of a business interruption caused by an accident indemnifiable under Machinery Breakdown Insurance.