Medical Programs

Health Maintenance Organization

Most clamored product these days are pre-paid benefits which are made available to employees and dependents under a managed health care program commonly known as HMO. It provides comprehensive out-patient consultations and hospitalization benefits package to its enrolled members for a minimal membership fees.


Out-Patient Health Service

Get an outpatient health services from a network of clinics. Outpatient health care is the most widely used health service in any health care plan. For those who often utilize doctors and hospitals on an outpatient basis, an outpatient plan can offer more health coverage for less cost on a no cash- out basis. What makes the program unique is it has no eligibility requirement- no age limit nor hierarchy to follow. And no medical examination required!


Group Medical Insurance

A Medical Insurance Plan is an insurance protection against medical expenses arising from sickness or accident. It is a means to reduce the financial burden of an individual in the event of illness or injury requiring hospitalization or prolonged treatment or resulting in loss of income.


Third Party Administration

This product combines the advantages of self-insurance, the control mechanism and access to vast network of healthcare providers nationwide. This product shifts the risk of health care costs to the group clients, thereby saving on the costs for carrying such risks, at the same time using another party’s expertise in utilization control and management which may range to imposing a strict gate-keeping process and allowing in network accesses only. This product is directly administered by Responsive.

International Coverage/Travel Insurance

Being abroad can present you with all kinds of challenges. Standards of healthcare vary from country to country. Some parts of the world have a higher medical risk due to disease, suspect water supplies, poor public hygiene, an adverse climate or inadequate safety precautions. International coverage provides superior worldwide medical insurance to people who live, work or travel abroad.


Critical Illness Benefit

The plan is specifically designed to help you live comfortably even after critical illness.

  • Cash Benefit of up to P3,000,000
  • One lump-sum payment
Guaranteed renewable up to age 70
  • Short waiting period
  • Daily hospital cash benefit (optional)
  • No Medical Examination required to qualify


Wellness Programs

Responsive can arrange the following services with partner providers:

  • Executive Check-up (Out-Patient, Overnight, Personalized)
  • Medical Events (Lectures, Seminars, Screening, Immunization)
  • Medical Manpower (company doctors and nurses)
  • Medical Tourism (Leisure Activities plus Health Tours)
  • On-site Annual Physical Examination
  • Pre-employment Medical Examination