Responsive works with a wide network of HMO Plan and Group Medical Plan service providers and helps develop prepaid health plans that provide health benefits to a minimum of 20 employees.

Our comprehensive health benefit plans can cover
  • Hospitalization/inpatient services
  • Outpatient consultations and laboratories
  • Annual medical program
  • Dental services
  • Financial assistance

We can also offer benefits to members under a no-cash out arrangement (through a health card) that is accepted by a wide network of accredited hospitals, clinics, physicians and specialists.

Directly administered by Responsive, the Third-Party Administration (TPA) service combines the advantages of self-insurance and the control mechanism and access to a vast network of healthcare providers nationwide. This product shifts the risk of health care costs to the group clients, thereby saving on the costs for carrying such risks.

Group Life Insurance ensures that the loss of life of an insured employee due to natural or accidental causes, happening at any time zone, across any geographical border, is covered by an insurance benefit. Group life insurance provides supplementary benefits such as Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disability Benefit (AD&D), Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), Terminal Illness Benefit, and Family Benefit Assistance. When offered as an employee benefit, Group Life Insurance coverage is normally co-terminus with employment.

Responsive offers a holistic approach to managing your employee health care plan by incorporating preventive health care for proactive management of diseases. 

We can arrange for
  • Executive check-ups
  • On-ground activities and events: lectures, seminars, screening, immunization
  • Onsite medical practitioners (company doctors and nurses)
  • Medical tours (leisure activities plus health tours)
  • Onsite annual physical examinations
  • Pre-employment medical examinations

Responsive offers short term to long term insurance or pension plans that will provide benefits to the insured upon retirement. Depending on plan chosen, this benefit can offer guaranteed lump sum benefits, life insurance protection, and cash values or dividends.

As standards of healthcare vary from country to country, ensure that your employees are protected anywhere in the world with international coverage that provides superior worldwide medical insurance to people who live, work, or travel abroad.


Let Responsive help you develop the best comprehensive benefits plan to help entice and retain the best talent for your business. When your team feels secure, they’re able to focus and contribute to the company’s greater goals.

We can take care of your people,
so that they can take care of your business.

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