6 Ways to Squeeze in a Workout at the Office

Between hectic work schedules and maintaining a personal and private life, it may seem impossible to fit in workouts in your daily routine. Lugging around a gym bag to work and working out after a full day at the office is far from ideal. But, you aren’t exactly doing yourself any favors by disregarding your health. The lack of exercise not only puts your physical and mental health at risk, but it also affects your work productivity and employee engagement.

Try to squeeze in exercise even at the comfort of your own desk. Try these simple activities out! 

1.Turn Your Commute into a Workout


With the current state of our transport system, it’s safe to say that the amount of time we spend on the road already too much. So why not squeeze in a workout, while you’re on your way to work or on the way home? If you live fairly close to your office, opt to walk or cycle instead of taking public transport. On the other hand, if the distance permits you from doing so, try parking or getting off at a bus stop a few blocks away from your building, and walk the rest of the distance. This way, you’ll get your blood running, giving you the boost to start the day.



2. Find Excuses to Walk


In a typical work setup, people spend a large part of their day sitting behind their desks. This can lead to the weakening of the large leg and gluteal muscles. Solution? Find ways to move around and walk. Take active breaks like walking around your building for a couple of minutes, going on lunch outs with your colleagues, and even trading elevators for stairs when needed. Walking stimulates the brain so you’re most likely to come up with better ideas for your afternoon meetings! 



3. Stretch at Regular Intervals


Sitting for long periods of time, coupled with extended hours of repetitive tasks, can mean bad news for your neck and back. As much as you can, take regular stretching breaks throughout the day to relieve your joints, bones, and muscles from tension. Some stretching exercises you can do include shoulder shrugs, torso twists, leg extensions, and hand and finger twists. For optimal results, do it every hour or during bathroom breaks to fully integrate them into your everyday routine. 



4. Request for Standing Desks and Stability Balls 

Standing desks and stability balls have become a popular trend among offices such as Google and Facebook, as these are said to better stimulate the mind and promote fun and play. A stand-up desk makes you more aware of your posture, reduces back pain, and improves overall mood. Stability balls, on the other hand, help to increase calorie burn, strengthens your core, and allows you to sneak in a few exercises. Plus, it’s fun! 


5. Deskercise 

If the aforementioned equipment is not feasible, just do simple workouts in the comfort of your desk or cubicle. It might be awkward at first, but short spurts of activity can already be beneficial. Subtle ones like flexing and tightening your abs, doing calf raises, stretching your arms back, and even squats can prevent office slump. 


6. Workout with Your Colleagues 


Chances are you’re not the only one in your office who wants to incorporate workouts into your schedule. Find people with the same goals as you and arrange meetings where you can engage in these physical activities together. It might be a quick morning run or an after-work Zumba session. You can also suggest sportsfest activities to your boss to increase camaraderie among employees and take a break from office work. 



With all these in mind, there’s literally no excuse for you to skip an opportunity to sweat. To live a quality life you can enjoy, you must strive – even in the most simplest of ways – to become healthier. Make sure your goals are aligned and safe by availing of your office’s annual physical exam (APE), and make the most of your HMO coverage by consulting the doctors.

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