5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy and Motivated (Besides Money!)

A happy worker makes for a stronger company

If you were to ask an employee if he or she is willing to work for free, chances are they’ll decline immediately.

While money plays a huge factor as to why people go to work, it’s no longer at the top of the list for the new age workforce. Positive emotions, strong, supportive structures and benefits provided by the company help to successfully mot ivate employees.


One study found that happy employees are 20% more productive than their unhappy counterparts, and the benefits don’t end there.

Beyond monetary incentives like bonuses and increases, here are other effective motivators that encourage employees to be not only productive, but loyal.

  1. Help them find their purpose

Treat your employees as human beings and not merely as expendable individuals in your workforce. This means genuinely tapping into their passions and interests, and using that to help them create a deeper sense of purpose within the organization. Beyond their day-to-day tasks and objectives, employees are more motivated when they know they’re working towards a greater goal—the ability to make a difference in the lives of others or their loved ones, while having the opportunity to pursue personal passions.


  1. Display a healthy management style

Don’t be that boss who loves to micromanage. It will never keep your employees happy and fulfilled. It is important to build an environment where voicing out your opinions are encouraged; where your ideas are valued. Never undermine employees’ abilities, but instead empower them to take the initiative and work their way towards finding solutions to problems. A supportive system and environment has been proven to boost productivity and motivation.

  1. Give credit when it’s due

Nothing ever comes easy and when they’re working towards the fulfillment of their dreams, it pays to recognize their hard work. As a boss, work towards creating a workspace that celebrates success. A simple “thank you” note or quick shout-out during meetings will suffice. Like any other person, understand their need to be valued. If they feel that their efforts and work are valued, they are more likely to be more proactive in the organization, helping the business in the long run.

  1. Encourage work-life balance

Acknowledge the fact that your employees have a life outside of the office. Some have families to feed, babies to take care of, and personal projects they’d like to work on, etc. Encouraging work-life balance not only reduces stress and pressure; it prompts employees to be more intentional with their work and mindful of their hours. Remember, when your employees have a healthy well-being, they’re more productive and that’s great for your bottom line.

5. Security in the workplace

When employees don’t feel secure in the work place or are unable to see themselves securing a better life for themselves and loved ones, they will be led to seek better employment elsewhere.


According to a study, 60% of employees believe that having a benefits package is “extremely” or “very important” to their employer loyalty. With a comprehensive HMO/ employee benefits package, they’re assured that in times of need and emergency, they don’t have to worry, because it will all be taken care of. This helps to relieve a lot of stress, allowing your employees to focus on the work at hand.

From the perspective of a company, you can remain competitive and be able to attract – as well as retain – the best with a well-planned HMO plan.


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