Summer is a great time to be outside and enjoy the weather. But summer activities bring additional risks to your health. Be sure to be safe this summer by knowing these top 7 summer health risks. A little bit of prevention can keep your summer safe.


If caught early, skin cancer is usually treated easily. You can check yourself for skin cancer every few months, get a free skin cancer screening wear lots of sunscreen and avoid the sun when possible.



In heat stroke, the body’s core temp. rises. Extremely high body temperatures can lead to permanent damage. Some signs of heat stroke include confusion, short, rapid breathing and a fast pulse.



The CDC estimates that 76 million people suffer from food poisoning. Summer time is full of picnics, and picnics bring food out into the open where it can stay warm too long. Avoid an outbreak of food poisoning this summer by following simple guidelines about food safety and food handling. Common sense will prevent you and your friends and families from coming down with a food-borne illness.



UV rays in sunlight can damage your eyes. If you are out in the sunlight in the summertime, be sure to wear sunglasses that filter out UV light. Otherwise, your sunglasses are opening up your pupils by making things darker, which actually lets in more UV rays, not less. Be sure your sunglasses filter out 100 percent of UV light and be sure to wear them, especially around water, which can reflect a tremendous amount of light to your eyes.



Each over 3,000 people drown in pool-related accidents. More than 650 drown in boating accidents. For each child under 14 that drowns, another five suffer from near drowning. Prevent these summer tragedies through supervision, proper pool safety and enforcing rules around the water.



Dehydration can happen quickly in the summer heat. Be sure that you have water handy whenever you will be in the heat for a long time. Don’t forget about children too – they may not ask for water. Be sure to take frequent water breaks during the kids’ summer activities.



Bug bites can be serious if they bring an infectious disease like West Nile or Lyme disease. Prevent bug bites and infection this summer by avoiding buggy situations, using a good bug repellent and wearing long pants and sleeves when in buggy areas.


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